It feels so good to be back everyone! I have missed writing about LIONESS and I am very interested in telling you all the new things that have been happening with business. Hopefully, all of you have gone onto the LIONESS website and looked at all the new items that Jacque has acquired.

Firstly, let’s give all those a hand who donated to the LIONESS campaign. It is wonderful and truly a blessing that LIONESS was able to receive the funds needed to resume business.

I want to tell you about the “Pick Your Style Feature” on the website. When you first go on to the website you will see a sign, the sign will say pick your style. After clicking on that, there will four names that will appear and those four different names bear different styles! When you click on a certain name, you will be directed to the items that will fit you most.

Isn’t that a wonderful idea and most all helpful? Now you do not have to browse through the different pages to find items that best suit you.

The names are

1. Lydia

2. Kelly

3. Raven

4. Naomi



Isn’t it cute that they all have different names?!


Find out and SHOP, SHOP, and SHOP!

Have a great weekend everyone,


LIONESS vintage has reopened it’s doors! Everything on the site is now updated with photos & measurements, and is ready for purchase! 

Now to the awesome part…I’m hosting a $50 gift card giveaway! Here are the rules:

  • Every reblog is an entry.
  • Every share (on facebook) is an entry.
  • Every repost on instagram tagged #shoplioness #giveaway is an entry
  • You can enter as much as you want every day until midnight of May 5th
  • US entrants only please!

Good luck guys!

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