EEK!! I can’t believe it took me this long to share this ad on here with you lovely Lioness readers! I’m an advertising person. I love to hate the ad industry and one day hope to work in Droga 5’s NY Offices — more about that some other time. I first saw this Internet Explorer advert in January and I was a mushy ball of “aaahhhh… Beam me back to the greatest decade ever, Scotty!” What better place to share ’90s nostalgia than this here blog?

I don’t know about you guys but I saw a lot of myself on there, be it things I kept nagging my parent about of this I got from friends (do kids trade toys, clothes, gadgets these days?) From the Pokémon tokens (I collected them until 2003) to yo-yos and those blinking sneakers, which I wanted so parts of me would glow in the dark.

The kid with the water squirting gun (they were the best things about summer) is so very Fresh Prince, seriously look at the shirt that Jacque’s just sold  on the previous post.  

The only “erm…” thing about this ad for me is the music. I have to agree with one reviewer who said a nice ’90s tune would have been much better. Generation Y is the best and I hope you enjoyed this video because I did. I’m just not going back to Internet Explorer because “sorry, you didn’t grow up as fast as we need you to.”




Have you been eyeing pieces at LIONESS but just don’t know what you would rock them with? Well check out these two ladies stylin’ and profilin’ in LIONESS swag:

First up, Visa from 1finedai wearing an exclusive LIONESS beanie:

She looks so fierce in her black and white outfit, don’t you think?

I make these beanies in limited quantities, but more will be coming in the very near future!

Now here’s @naekhadafi owner of Lost Pieces Voutique rocking the “Fresh Prince” button up:

I looove the bun and the distressed jeans. Complete casual chic.

Denim, denim, DENIM!

People in the 90’s sure did love denim! Especially those of the high-waisted variety:


How cute is this look?

Although jeans were EVERYWHERE in the 90’s, they somehow managed to never be overdone…………until this travesty in 2001:

Hollywood's Best & Worst Red-Carpet Moments

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of an era.

Anyway, after traditional denim’s short death, they came back in a big way in the form of colored jeans:


I know you guys remember the colored denim craze! Every celeb and fashionista had a few (dozen) pairs in her wardrobe.

These days we like our jeans distressed. Which is usually the state I’m constantly in thanks to college. But anyway, check out the new distressed denim that will soon be available at LIONESS:


90’s high-waist? Check.

mid 2000’s colored denim? Check.

Modern day distressing? Double check.

Now ch-ch-check it out: SHOP LIONESS


Dear Universe, Thank you for ‘90s Naomi Campbell

Before we go anywhere I think we all need to agree that Naomi Campbell has and always will be queen. In the mid-00s she had a lot of bad press with regard to her anger problems and violent outbursts but each time I see a photograph of her (be it in a magazine or pap shot) I’m reminded just how awesome she is and how consistent she is about her fabulousness. Now that we’re all in agreement, let’s continue…

I think I sometimes think of her as a bit of a super-being, what with her gorgeous genes and long legs.

This is Naomi (and Kate Moss) circa 1993 rocking the plaid suit trend that would forever be stamped as synonymous with the 1995 classic Clueless – only she did it two years before the film came out.


I fell in love with this image, especially the bottom part. The shoes are crazy but seeing as it was another day at the office Naomi Campbell rocked them best she could and when they brought down to earth she became natural.


Show me a model from any decade that had a better fall…

And when she went androgynous she made a beautiful boy!


She wouldn’t have been ‘90s without thick box braids. This was my first time seeing her without weave on and I love it. she gives me Moesha vibes in this snap.


This might look familiar aka you’ve seen in Beyoncé’s Why Don’t You Love Me? video but Naomi did it first.


It wouldn’t be the ’90s without some grunge style…



Right Now What We’re Going To Do Is Go Back. Way Back.

Hey, it’s Naomie. I trust everyone’s week is going fabolous! For once I’m not here to talk about clothes. I’m here to talk about one of the best accessories a guy or a girl could ever have.


Let’s look at a few that I thought were the best and the most popular!

1. The Caesar/Short Cut:

A hairstyle that rapper Eminem, was no stranger to, for a lot of his career he sported this extremely short cut.


The beautiful Toni Braxton


And of course I couldn’t forget to mention Halle Berry. She wore this hairstyle in a number of films such as Strictly Business, Boomerang and Executive Decision.


2. The Scrunchie

This hairstyle was super popular in the 90’s. It was so easy all you had to do was a grab about half of your hair, pull it the side and wrap with a scrunchie into a high cute ponytail!


Jodie Sweetin “Stephanie Tanner” from Full House.

Let’s all also notice the mall bangs that she has, which was also popular in the 90’s (started in 80’s). The more height and the more volume you had, the better!

Mall Bangs got it’s name for the multitude of women who had fluffy and puffed up bangs. These class of women and or girls were usually seen in shopping malls.


This picture is so funny. I love the use of the pink scrunchie with the puffy sleeve shirt!

3. The Headband

The headband was definitely a staple in the 90’s. Especially the ones that covered practically your whole head. These headbands could cover up those unruly bangs or be used a tool to lay your hair down. You could also use the headband if you wanted to add a pop of color to your outfit. Nowadays, headbands have gone from thick to thin, from sparkly to sequined and from having spiral shapes to flower crowns.


Melissa Joan Hart as “Clarissa Darling” in Clarissa Explains It All.



Elizabeth Berkley as “Jessie Spano” in Saved By the Bell wearing a cute headband with a bow!

4. The Long Floppy Hair

Boys may not be able to do very much with their hair but the floppy hair look on boys seemed to catch a lot of girls attention!

James Van Der Beek as “Dawson Leery” in Dawson’s Creek (1998-2003).


One of the ULTIMATE boy bands in the 90’s: HANSON.

Three brothers with great talent and to this day they still sing!

Well, I have one more picture and I know for sure we’ve all seen his movies and loved his acting over and over again!

He’s played in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Basketball Diaries, Romeo + Juliet, The Quick and the Dead and played “Jack Dawson” in Titanic.

Of course I’m talking about…..


LEONARDO DICAPRIO, who in my opinion had the best floppy hair!

And last but not least……

5. The Brandy/Poetic Justice Braids

From the moment Brandy came on the tv screen as “Moesha” I immediately fell in love with her box braids. Often when I was younger this is how I wore my hair. I even had the Brandy Barbie Doll! Even in her early singing career, these braids set her apart from all the other teen boppers.


The double sailor knots were really cute. What would be looked as a “little girl” hairstyle, Brandy nailed every look she tried with her box braids!


Does everyone remember when Poetic Justice first came out? In 1993, Janet Jackson who had already had her hand in acting, dancing and of course singing as a child starred in the romance drama Poetic Justice. She was the perfect triple threat!

Her adorable and sweet smile made us all go awww in unison, but her long gorgeous braids made us definitely take second, third and fourth looks!


Janet Jackson as “Justice” in Poetic Justice.

Everything about her outfit just screams the 90’s! From the black hat, the light wash baggy jeans to the big silver hoops!!

Poetic Justice will also be a one of the favorites of mine for 90’s era.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed this post! Thanks for listening to me go on and on about 90’s hairstyles!



Reminiscing on my Favourite ‘90s couples

Valentine’s day is coming up this Thursday and it’s got me thinking about my favourite famous couples from the ’90s. If anybody asked me “Noms, if you you’d been old enough to care about and buy celebrity gossip magazines in the ’90s who would you want to read about?” Then the answer would have surely been these four couples. This list is not about who was the best couple but whom I found interesting and star-like in their love.

As you’re about to see in this post I’m a huge Johnny Depp fan! I really enjoy looking at him, watching him speak – even if he’s reciting a script as he does those best –and looking at photographs of him. ‘90s Johnny is my all-time favourite.


Johnny x Winona


This has always struck me as one of the cutest star relationship, ever! Winona was this cute young woman who always played sad young women in great films and Johnny was the resident bad boy. I suspect a lot of people warned her against him but I suspect it was mostly because of their jealousy than anything else. The couple met in 1989 at a movie premier and got engaged in 1990 (also co-starred in Edward Scissorhands that year) only to separate in 1993 leading to Johnny Depp’s altering his tattoo from Winona Forever to Wino Forever. Johnny, we all still know what the tattoo really means!



2.    Johnny x Kate


Yes! I would have been heartbroken when the Winona relationship ended but I would have been curious to know about the new one with Kate. The actor and the supermodel dated from 1994 to 1998. This relationship was a bit more troubled than the one Johnny had with Winona with rumors of drug use and other “height of fame” things. But Maaan they looked good together!


I can’t believe that none of these women were ever photographed wearing Johnny’s “The Viper Room” beanie. Half the fun of having a quirky boyfriend is wearing his quirky accessories and shirts! (If you like customised beanies don’t fret Jacque likes making them, give her a shout.)



3.    Tyra x John Singleton


Miss Tyra Banks: the teenage model from a Los Angeles private school and the man who wrote and directed Boys in the Hood. I would have loved to read about and follow this love story because of its “different sides of the track” feel. I bet you they were always seen as Romeo and Juliet of the celebrity world. They dated between 1993 and 1996 and even made a film (Higher Learning) together during that time.


Look at them in their cute boho-coordinated-couple-outfits-chic! 

J.Lo x Diddy


The royal couple of celebrity opulence! J.Lo and Diddy are my favourites because I think I would have been constantly interested in their diva extravagance — thinking colour-coordinated chinchilla coats. Yes, I believe Puffy could out-diva J.Lo any day. They were KimYe before there was such a thing. They dated from 1999 to 2001. 


Say you’re as glad as I am that Diddy’s baggy suit life is no more?


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